Events and Other information

100 Year Poster

Find yourself and your friends! Click to enlarge.

Find yourself and your friends! Click to enlarge.

The poster is here and available at the museum! $8 per poster.  Bulk rate is 10 for $60.  We ship. One or 2 posters are $8 for S&H. If you want more than that, call and ask. Will depend on how many you want.  907-733-2487 (we accept CCs over the phone)

Moose on Parade –  July 4th

Our annual fundraiser with the Chamber of Commerce and the Denali Arts Council.  Do you want to submit a moose for auction?  click here : Moose on Parade 2018_Entry Form

There are 2 other places to check for events: and   Both will most likely also be holding centennial events through the year.  We’ll do our best to post all as we know them, but check those sites as well!

Your current Board is:  Linda Briener, Sharon Montagnino,Ron Quilliam, Pam Rannals,  Paul Roderick, Fernando Salvador and Holly Stinson.  Officers are  Pres.; Sharon Montagnino, VP;  Paul Roderick; Secretary/Treasurer Linda Breiner.. Terms are 3 years, with a 2 year maximum, according to by-laws.

Next Board Meeting:
Our meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the museum in summer and at 5 pm in the winter months.  Call in advance to check if you plan on attending or want to be a ‘person to be heard’

Moose Dropping Festival: People still inquire about the Moose Dropping Festival, which we ran for 37 years every July. It was last held in 2009. The name continues to be service marked event (like a trademark).